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Author: Souryu
DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY. Dear readers, we may be about to witness the birth of a love triangle!..
Author: Yoimachi Meme
When Kosaburou and Samegai, the mysterious conductor of the Black Train, finally locate Hotori, she appears to have somehow reunited with the human Endou. But Hotori herself senses that something about Endou is different from before. Kosaburou will have to confront shadows from his own past in order..
Romance for Teachers
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Pikachi
The school nurse, Miss Kiyattou, is in love with the PE teacher, Miss Inui, but has a hard time approaching her. This makes it all the more frustrating since she gets to see other two fellow teachers, Miss Mujina and Miss Gaoda, being lovey-dovey all the time. But what will happen when Miss Inui com..
My Crush is My Roommate
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Haijima
Hana is in love with her childhood best friend, Kanata. One day, Kanata invites Hana to share a room, which she accepts. For a while, living with her crush seemed manageable for Hana. However, on the other hand, Kanata realized she likes spending time with Hana a bit too much and doesn’t really know..
Author: Yano Toshinori
It's New Year's cleaning time, and that means tidying up the costume drawer -- but not before trying on all of Juri's cosplays of yesteryear once more! Later, Juri's brazen twin sister Akemi and her toddler son Ayumu makes an appearance, and Akemi immediately begins her own attempts to break Kouki's..
Author: Tomokichi
There's one last thing standing between our odd couple and their long-awaited night of passion... an overprotective father and a deadly curse! As the sun sets on this unlikely love story, will the horny elf finally get her wish!?*There are no sex scenes in this work...
Author: Yoimachi Meme
With Endou safely returned to the real world, Sumida (or Hotori, as those in Kawazoko know her) goes back to her old double life of school in the real world and strange happenings in the otherworld, with no humans she meets -- including Endou, now -- ever able to really remember her. Her brother hea..
Author: Satou Yuuki
It's time to meet the parents! Miki and Kazuya plan to live together, but introducing themselves to each other's parents comes first. This volume features the Toda Household. How will Miki's parents react?..
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