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Tamaki Nao
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Capricorn. Blood Type B. I like to take things easy. 

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Artist: Tamaki Nao
Shun invites his childhood friend, Nana, to hang out at his place… And knowing these two boobalicious “buddies,” that’s an invitation for steamy-hot shenanigans! When two sexy people with unmistakably pure hearts collide, you know you can only be reading volume 2 of the Tiddy Monster romcom!..
Artist: Tamaki Nao
You’ve heard of meet cute, but reunite cute? Now that they’re both grown up, newly swole Shun visits his old friend Nana after an extended absence hoping to put a (figurative) stake in the heart of his one-time first love. But it looks like neither of these tiddy monsters is ready to let go! Join ou..
和久未謀面的青梅竹馬重逢發現彼此都變得很胸猛的樣子了 1 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li
Artist: Tamaki Nao
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