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Azusa Kina
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I Fell for My Friend's Older Sister + My Older Sister's Friend is Annoying 2
Artist: Azusa Kina
Haruto and Nao’s relationships are going well, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t roadblocks to overcome. A change in Haruto’s personality has Rio on edge about her immaturity, and Sena’s so used to men treating her like a temporary plaything that she barely seems aware she and Nao are dating. How c..
Artist: Azusa Kina
Rio is everything that Haruto wants in a girl: gentle, nurturing, and ladylike. The only problem is that she's the older sister of his best buddy Nao, and he fears that the difference in age means he's barely on her radar. If Haruto wants Rio to see him as more than her little brother's playmate, th..
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