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Aqua New Releases

Artist: Namaniku ATK
The seventh book by Namaniku ATK showcasing more plain asses, and even some fanart!..
Artist: Kuroba Dam
The second part of the deserted island arc! What will happen to Osanai and gang on the island? How will they survive the many troubles awaiting them on the island…?..
Artist: Azusa Kina
Haruto and Nao’s relationships are going well, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t roadblocks to overcome. A change in Haruto’s personality has Rio on edge about her immaturity, and Sena’s so used to men treating her like a temporary plaything that she barely seems aware she and Nao are dating. How c..
Artist: Tamaki Nao
Shun invites his childhood friend, Nana, to hang out at his place… And knowing these two boobalicious “buddies,” that’s an invitation for steamy-hot shenanigans! When two sexy people with unmistakably pure hearts collide, you know you can only be reading volume 2 of the Tiddy Monster romcom!..
My Crush Is My Roommate 3
Irodori Sakura New!
Artist: Haijima
Enjoy a slice of life with Hana and Kanata as they celebrate Halloween and go to a theme park...
Artist: Yano Toshinori
Though both Juri and Kouki are now putting in full-time hours at the office and juggling shared chores at home, they still seem to find plenty of time for romantic antics! This volume of No Guard Wife follows our lovebirds as they hit the town on a festival date, a movie date, and a tennis date, eac..
Natsuki, an upwardly mobile career woman and a bit of a workaholic (who also happens to be quite short), has no inclination to look for a romantic partner -- especially not in Hiromichi, a junior employee who she finds unappealingly mild-mannered (and who happens to be quite tall). Bu..
Artist: Souryu
Anami and Imada finally have their heartfelt reunion! Anami’s hoping for a “union” of a different kind, but that might be easier said than done…..
Artist: Souryu
When Imada and Anami’s romantic (or possibly lust-fueled) rendezvous is interrupted, the conflict over the hog in his pants is upgraded to full-on war!..
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