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Little Miss Serious and Mister Freedom 2
New! Irodori Aqua
Little Miss Serious and Mister Freedom are back! In this volume, find out more about this couple and how they spend their daily life together!..
No Guard Wife 7
New! Irodori Aqua
Author: Yano Toshinori
Out for what was going to be an intimate date night, our favorite newlyweds run into one of Juri's former coworkers, Madoka. An evening of drunken chaos ensues, although with what turns out to be a rather a heartfelt twist. Afterwards, having missed the last train, Juri and Kouki find themselves boo..
This is Love Extra
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ziki Masaya
A warm and fuzzy compilation of Higashi and Fumi's everyday life as they discover the definition of love, reflecting on past experiences, and sexuality...
Promise to Marry Me when I'm Older! 2
New! Irodori Aqua
Author: Satou Yuuki
Ryo continues to walk on eggshells with Yuka while maintaining his relationship with Kasumi. But what will he do when both of them ask him for a kiss? Will he be ready to break up with one of them?..
Author: Souryu
As Mako happily skips home after the best day EVER, she casually reveals that a face from Imada's past might be closer than he thinks!..
My Wife is an Oni 7
New! Irodori Aqua
Married life isn't always smooth sailing, as Tomoyuki finds out when Mitsuki has had just about enough of his late-night excursions at work. Thankfully, Tomoyuki has a kind-hearted senior at work willing to lend him an ear and help him realize that Mitsuki's love for him is far greater than any love..
I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 4
Pre-Order New! Irodori Aqua
Author: Kuroba Dam
Akane Anezaki and Doji Osanai are still in their temporary relationship. What happens when Christmas comes by, and Anezaki meets someone who looks like Doji's younger sister?Check out the previous volumes here!I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 1I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 2I Became..
I Became Friends With a Delinquent Girl 3
New! Irodori Aqua
Author: Kuroba Dam
It's time for more life lessons with Akane Anezaki! But wait, she gets countered by Doji Osanai? Join these two on their journey to figure out their relationship!..
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