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Author: Yoimachi Meme
The siblings are reunited with Setsuya, who is forced to reconcile his dedication to own mission with his loneliness since Minato took Shizu away from Aurora House. With their self-proclaimed bodyguard nowhere in sight, Minato and Shizu must prepare to defend themselves against not only whatever the..
和久未謀面的青梅竹馬重逢發現彼此都變得很胸猛的樣子了 1 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li New!
Author: Tamaki Nao
Locker Room Delights
Irodori Sakura New!
Mayu's been dating someone for almost a year, but she hasn't told a soul. That's because the classmate she's been seeing is a girl, Rina. Mayu, who until now only had experience dating boys, finds herself caught between her daydreams of strolling through town on dates with Rina and her worries about..
Author: sonno
Rin and Kai are childhood friends, but they got engaged one day. How will they react? Read more about them and other couples in this cute rom com!Artist StatementWe're very excited to have our work officially localized in English. This is relatively short work for us, but there's a lot that will mak..
Author: Souryu
As Imada recovers from his loving students' latest attempts on his Mini-mada, Ms. Ookuro slips him an invitation (or demand) that makes his head spin! Meanwhile, Anami's nerves send her spiraling down memory lane, where we encounter a not-so-different Imada... and Gyarus from a different age!..
Author: Yano Toshinori
When Juri takes her old work suit out of storage, she discovers it needs to be replaced. Though it won't be worn in to the office any longer, she and Kouki do discover some "other" excellent uses for it...Later, when they head out to purchase a new one, an unexpected encounter forces Juri and Kouki ..
100% Ice Drop
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Pikachi
Recently, Yuki has been changing the flavor of her snow every day, and Mana is worried for Yuki. How will Mana let Yuki know...?..
BL Miscalculation: 5 Seconds to Impact!
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ichi
Before Akiyama makes a fatal mistake and ends up making a move on his friend Hirono, one has to wonder how the two polar opposites became friends in the first place--and how that friendship turned into budding feelings on Akiyama’s part.[The next chapters in this series are for mature audiences (18 ..
Author: Tomokichi
The horny elf and her gentleman orc have finally settled into a comfortable routine—one that consists of weird kinks, a meddlesome village chief, and pages upon pages of raunchy comedy!!..
Author: Tamaki Nao
You’ve heard of meet cute, but reunite cute? Now that they’re both grown up, newly swole Shun visits his old friend Nana after an extended absence hoping to put a (figurative) stake in the heart of his one-time first love. But it looks like neither of these tiddy monsters is ready to let go! Join ou..
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