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Riverbed Projector 3: The Final Eve

Riverbed Projector 3: The Final Eve
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On the eve of the of the lantern festival, a distraught Sumida stumbles through the dark alleyways of Kawazoko searching for Endou. With only a bottle of ramune and a mind full of questions, there's a whole world of mysteries to solve! Finally the curiousities of Kawazoko are brought to life in the concluison arc for the first part of the Riverbed Projector series.

  • Author: Yoimachi Meme
  • Pages: 40
  • Japanese Title: 川底幻燈3
  • Romaji Title: KAWAZOKO GENTOU 3


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From the author of Raincoat Kids comes another supernatural mystery! Tadashi Endou has gone through a traumatic experience that's forced him to become..
After finally walking down the mysterious alleyway, Endou appears in a riverbed city known as Kawazoko, where luminous fish float in the night sky. Su..
With Endou safely returned to the real world, Sumida (or Hotori, as those in Kawazoko know her) goes back to her old double life of school in the real..
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If Imacchi thought that Mako was bad enough, he's about to learn that Konoko Kuroiwa can be a real handful too! (In the most literal sense possible. Y..
Imada is saved from another splooge tsunami by Ookuro, the school nurse, but will she be a beacon of sanity in this school of skanks, or is she just a..
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