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Raincoat Kids 2: The Illusionary Wonderland

Raincoat Kids 2: The Illusionary Wonderland
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Facing both drippy-drippy demons born of the darkness that haunts his past and fighting to remember where it is he wants to return to, he finally reunites with Shizu. Now, with a renewed vigor to keep her safe from harm, they continue their journey. But hooded children called "nightmares" roam along with even more mysteries in the second installment of Raincoat Kids!

  • Author: Yoimachi Meme
  • Pages: 46
  • Japanese Title: レインコートキッズとまぼろし遊園地
  • Romaji Title: RAINCOAT KIDS 2


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Dive into the post-apocalyptic water world of Raincoat Kids with constant rain, submerged cities, and a cryptic messaged found at the bottom of a fire..
In this third part of the horny elf saga, even more challenges await the horny elf and gentleman orc as they try to advance their relationship. With f..
Sadamichi Imada has always dreamed of teaching at an all-girls school—a wish that comes true when he's transferred to Kurosugi Girls Academy. But ther..
The Gyaru Academy is back in session! In chapter 2, Imacchi wrestles with a problematic source of emergency undies and Mako's likewise problematic way..
If Imacchi thought that Mako was bad enough, he's about to learn that Konoko Kuroiwa can be a real handful too! (In the most literal sense possible. Y..
Imada is saved from another splooge tsunami by Ookuro, the school nurse, but will she be a beacon of sanity in this school of skanks, or is she just a..
One elf sets out on a journey to be ravished by orcs, only to find the one orc who won't do it! Can these two reconcile their differences, or will too..
The continuing saga of an elf with a simple desire to be ravaged by orcs, and the one orc who won't cooperate. Will they finally be able to develop th..
Follow Tsukushi, a boy who can change genders to "boy", "girl", and "gender neutral", as he spends his days with his best friend Kaoru. This is a..
ที่รักฉันจะรุก อย่าบุกนะคะ 2 (THAI)
Irodori Lotus
*This work is in Thai. For the English version, click here. เรื่องย่อ:เมื่อคุณภรรยากลุ้มใจว่าคุณสามีจะใช้ภาพแบบไหนเป็น Lock Screen นั้น... แ..
His wife is a real demon, literally! Tomoyuki is married to Mitsuki, an Oni from the countryside who can be a bit harsh. But when she and Tomoyuki are..
Spring is here! It's the season for flower viewing, baseball, and Kouki's birthday! What's this? Kouki's sister is here to see Juri? And who is this m..
It's Christmastime for the adorable newlyweds and Juri has a special surprise for her beloved Kouki. Except, things go awry when she suddenly becomes ..
The demon wife and her hubby are back! Mitsuki's hot and cold temperament is reaching a hellish level when Tomoyuki is forced to work at home while on..
While working at their mother's cosmetic shop, Takeru and Ayumi discover a mermaid in one of the lotion bottles! A strange and unexpected phenomenon, ..
Why Does Love Do This to Me?
Irodori Sakura
Insecurity. Fear of Rejection. Inadequacy. Falling in love as an adult is hard... but falling in love with someone of the same sex and worrying about ..
ที่รักฉันจะรุก อย่าบุกนะคะ (THAI)
Irodori Lotus
*This work is in Thai. For the English version, click here. เรื่องย่อ:คุณภรรยาที่พยายามรุกยั่วสามีแบบสุดกู่ แต่กลับโดนสามีสวนกลับจนต้องกลับม..
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