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Love Letter for My Love Then and Now 2

Love Letter for My Love Then and Now 2
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It's been three months of dating for Kazuya and Miki, but things still aren't serious! Both are hesitating to make the next move and when Kazuya finally has the chance to ask Miki to be his girlfriend... he royally screws up instead! Doused in Miki's drink and watching her walk out on their date, this is definitely a tumultuous turn for these two incidental lovers. Does their love stand a chance or will it be more awkardness? Find out in the second installment to Yuuki Satou's hit romcom!

  • Author: Satou Yuuki
  • Pages: 35
  • Japanese Title: 初恋今恋ラブレター2


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Ever since elementary school, Kazuya Kawaguchi has had a crush on the lovely Miki Toda. But every time he tried to give her a love letter to confess h..
It's finally official: Kazuya and Miki are boyfriend and girlfriend! But, Kazuya still has plenty of anxiety about being in a relationship with the gi..
Right as Kazuya and Miki's relationship is looking up, Miki's ex-boyfriend enters the picture! Fuming with jealousy, he wants Kazuya gone so he can re..
It's a brawl with Kazuya and Miki's ex, but how will they settle things? A relationship is never smooth. Another hurdle presents itself when their fri..
It's time to meet the parents! Miki and Kazuya plan to live together, but introducing themselves to each other's parents comes first. This volume feat..
In this third part of the horny elf saga, even more challenges await the horny elf and gentleman orc as they try to advance their relationship. With f..
Sadamichi Imada has always dreamed of teaching at an all-girls school—a wish that comes true when he's transferred to Kurosugi Girls Academy. But ther..
The Gyaru Academy is back in session! In chapter 2, Imacchi wrestles with a problematic source of emergency undies and Mako's likewise problematic way..
If Imacchi thought that Mako was bad enough, he's about to learn that Konoko Kuroiwa can be a real handful too! (In the most literal sense possible. Y..
Imada is saved from another splooge tsunami by Ookuro, the school nurse, but will she be a beacon of sanity in this school of skanks, or is she just a..
One elf sets out on a journey to be ravished by orcs, only to find the one orc who won't do it! Can these two reconcile their differences, or will too..
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Follow Tsukushi, a boy who can change genders to "boy", "girl", and "gender neutral", as he spends his days with his best friend Kaoru. This is a..
Facing both drippy-drippy demons born of the darkness that haunts his past and fighting to remember where it is he wants to return to, he finally reun..
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Irodori Lotus
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So just how exactly does a normal city boy fall for a real-life oni? In this volume, take a walk down memory lane to see how this cute as hell couple ..
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