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Locker Room Delights: Swim Team
Irodori Sakura New!
In this tie-in short following Aya and Hikari, who appeared in the first Locker Room Delights story and briefly in the series Too Darn Irresistible (also by Sweet Pea / COCOA BREAK), we learn that being the couple who've been together for years and seem to have it all (mostly) figured out doesn't ex..
Locker Room Delights
Irodori Sakura
Mayu's been dating someone for almost a year, but she hasn't told a soul. That's because the classmate she's been seeing is a girl, Rina. Mayu, who until now only had experience dating boys, finds herself caught between her daydreams of strolling through town on dates with Rina and her worries about..
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