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I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 4

I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 4
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Akane Anezaki and Doji Osanai are still in their temporary relationship. What happens when Christmas comes by, and Anezaki meets someone who looks like Doji's younger sister?

  • Author: Kuroba Dam
  • Pages: 28
  • Japanese Title: ヤンキー娘とお友達から始めてみた4


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Love hurts when your crush can literally crush you! Hopeless Nice Guy™ takes a chance when he confesses to the toughest girl at Shimai High. But the o..
Akane Anezaki is still beating the art of respect and being a perfect gentlemen into the hapliss Doji Osanai! But their lessons could blossom into som..
It's time for more life lessons with Akane Anezaki! But wait, she gets countered by Doji Osanai? Join these two on their journey to figure out their r..
In this volume, Akane Anezaki and Doji Osanai meet another delinquent girl, Yuko. She seems to appear wherever the two go. What will Anezaki do when Y..
Anezaki makes an appearance in a magazine as a bikini model, and her popularity soars. What will Doji do when everyone is approaching his "temporary" ..
I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 7
It's summertime! That means festivals and the beach! Doji has a festival date with Anezaki but can they avoid getting spotted by Yuko and Anezaki's mo..
In this third part of the horny elf saga, even more challenges await the horny elf and gentleman orc as they try to advance their relationship. With f..
Sadamichi Imada has always dreamed of teaching at an all-girls school—a wish that comes true when he's transferred to Kurosugi Girls Academy. But ther..
The Gyaru Academy is back in session! In chapter 2, Imacchi wrestles with a problematic source of emergency undies and Mako's likewise problematic way..
If Imacchi thought that Mako was bad enough, he's about to learn that Konoko Kuroiwa can be a real handful too! (In the most literal sense possible. Y..
Imada is saved from another splooge tsunami by Ookuro, the school nurse, but will she be a beacon of sanity in this school of skanks, or is she just a..
One elf sets out on a journey to be ravished by orcs, only to find the one orc who won't do it! Can these two reconcile their differences, or will too..
The continuing saga of an elf with a simple desire to be ravaged by orcs, and the one orc who won't cooperate. Will they finally be able to develop th..
Follow Tsukushi, a boy who can change genders to "boy", "girl", and "gender neutral", as he spends his days with his best friend Kaoru. This is a..
DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY. Dear readers, we may be about to witness the birth of a love triangle!..
Naoya just got confessed to by a cute girl -- only problem is that he already has a girlfriend. His solution? To ask for his girlfriend's permission t..
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