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My Wife Is an Oni 1 (Physical Book)
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His wife is a real demon, literally! Tomoyuki is married to Mitsuki, an Oni from the countryside who can be a bit harsh. But when she and Tomoyuki are alone, that's when her sensitive side comes out. It's those moments that she wants to express just how much she loves Tomoyuki. Dive into the charmin..
My Wife Is an Oni 2 (Physical Book)
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Tomoyuki's wife is such a demon, literally! Mitsuki is a real-life Oni from the countryside married to Tomoyuki, who knows that his harsh wife actually has a sweet side. But just how sweet will she be around the holidays and New Year?For the Digital Version click here. ※ The product thumbn..
Stay Beside Me
Author: Ano Nimaru
Former playboy Yukihiro nursed a crush on his refined and mild-mannered (or so she appeared) junior coworker, Chizuru, for just about a whole year before finally confessing his feelings. To his delight, she agreed to go out with him! Yukihiro was all set to take the lead in the relationship, but the..
Working Women Yuri Manga Compilation 1: Before Dating
Irodori Sakura Pre-Order
Author: Yuriemon
Two women working at the same company fall for each other through a series of short comics. Somehow, what starts off as a one-sided crush becomes a dream come true…..
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