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Girlfriends Club
Irodori Sakura Pre-Order
Author: Pikachi
The Girlfriends Club: A mysterious association at Yamayuri Girls' Academy and its sister schools that essentially pays you to spend time deepening your relationships with other club members. The catch? Your interactions are livestreamed to an audience of very wealthy viewers! Mizuki convinces her fr..
I Became Friends With A Delinquent Girl 7
Author: Kuroba Dam
It's summertime! That means festivals and the beach! Doji has a festival date with Anezaki but can they avoid getting spotted by Yuko and Anezaki's mom? Doji and the gang also go on a holiday sponsored by Seno who warms up to Doji in some unexpected circumstances...
I Fell for My Friend's Older Sister + My Older Sister's Friend is Annoying
Author: Azusa Kina
Rio is everything that Haruto wants in a girl: gentle, nurturing, and ladylike. The only problem is that she's the older sister of his best buddy Nao, and he fears that the difference in age means he's barely on her radar. If Haruto wants Rio to see him as more than her little brother's playmate, th..
My Childhood Friend Keeps Teasing Me for Being a Virgin
Author: Shobu
Shin's childhood friend, Meika, keeps teasing him about his inexperience with girls. Will Shin be able to survive her consistent teasing and get back at her one day?..
My Wife Is An Oni 9
Despite his best efforts, Tomoyuki always ends up coming home late much to the chagrin of Mitsuki. But even she tries her best to be understanding towards Tomoyuki. And now that it's summer, that means a chance for some rest and relaxation!..
The Horny Elf and the Gentleman Orc 5
Author: Tomokichi
The horny elf and her gentleman orc have finally settled into a comfortable routine—one that consists of weird kinks, a meddlesome village chief, and pages upon pages of raunchy comedy!!..
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